Henk and Corrie van Lith

H.V.L. is a small company located in a village in The Netherlands, specialized in the making and designing of high quality Italian interiors and interior parts & hoods to fit rare luxury sports-cars. We are absolute specialists with Ferrari cars.

Henk van Lith

Car Interiors

The car interiors are made to original specifications and materials to your special wishes and design. By doing this we put an enormous amount of expression into our work and change your car into a fine piece of art. Filling materials, stitch lines, piping and colors are very important.


Together with our client we look at the various possibilities and materials to be used. Only the highest quality of Italian fabrics and original materials are used to create the magic appearance that you expect.


Our work is a combination of a hobby and a passion for fast cars. This is the reason why, after being in this business for more than 20 years, we enjoy creating interiors for some of the most beautiful and rarest super-cars in the world today. Please contact us. It will be a pleasure to be of service to you.

Please note .....

Our company as well as our web site are meant for those people who appreciate the most original and highest quality of Italian car interiors.